YUGANTA THE END OF AN EPOCH IRAVATI KARVE Preface The idea of writing my Mahabharata studies in English occurred to me first when friends and. About the Author. The author of this book, Irawati Karve, was also a well-known anthropologist and educationist from India. Apart from this book, Karve has. I came across this book when I had been to the village of Murud in the Konkan, the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve. Irawati Karve () was.

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Some of these have dropped out in the critical edition but many still remain. At about the same time Vasishtha had cursed the eight Vasus to be born as mortals.

Yuganta by irawati karve no longer lived for himself. The eye-witness account of the battle-field was given to the king by a suta called Sanjaya. The most touching part however for Draupadi realising Dharma’s life long hurt at the last minute and Bhima’s devotion.

She herself mentions just once at the very end what she had when a queen. They describe the yuganta by irawati karve All the Kuru kings were addicted to hunting but that could not have been his reason, for, they did not take their queens along with them to the hunts.

You should also not cling to us. A short and fast read.

Instead you had a Brahmin secretly father their children. The warriors on both sides come to pay their respects to the wounded hero. Dec 26, Parikhit rated it really liked it Shelves: Then Shishupala lost his temper. A book in many respects like the Mahabharata was the Ramayana, a narrative sung from place to place. After reading a few books written on Mahabharata,namely Jaya: It makes a systematic and scientific study of the earliest version of the epic available today, and the knowledge of the cultural history, and attempts to isolate the facts as yuganta by irawati karve in the original version of the book from the interpolations added later through the centuries.

To general readers who know the Mahabharat storyjust go for it and thank me later. I was wondering if this was a popularly held opinion? Ambika and Ambalika were married to the yuganta by irawati karve Vichitravirya. What is also interesting is the social fabric that the poem reveals of a number of kingdoms, and a people striving to keep a social order based on honour and loyalty to caste.

What is even more tragic about her life is that she gets to see each and every male member of her family except her blind husband get killed during yuganta by irawati karve war. The second son Vichitra- virya became king while still very young.

Poor Madri when still very young burned herself on the funeral pyre of her husband. She wrote in both Marathi and English on topics pertaining to sociology yuganta by irawati karve anthropology, as well as on nonscientific topics.

About the Composer of the work The Mahabharata is supposed to have been composed by the sage Vyasa, who played a part yuganta by irawati karve the events and who was an eye-witness of many of them. While they were yet children, Shantanu died. By this what I mean is that it is only rarely that we look at or ponder over what was the effect of this game of thrones on the lives of others who lived at this time.

Jabberwock: Irawati Karve and Yuganta: an anthropologist’s Mahabharata

It contains a narration of the creation of the world, the stories of gods, demi-gods, sacred birds, snakes yuganta by irawati karve. Let a son be bom to me. Krishna with the discus in his hand is the traditional picture of the divine Krishna. Vidura who was also the chief minister of the kingdom. The fight goes on right up to sundown. Her multi-faceted character unfolds in the way she dealt with each of the calamities. Kunti comes out as a hard and yuganta by irawati karve woman on this occasion.

The Mahabharata stands in contrast to the other great Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana. His way of totally being dispassionate in his actions is a source of bafflement in a society that reveled in being passionately involved in all that it did.

Magnanimous when she allowed Madri to use the yugwnta she had got from Durvasa. The author clarifies that there is not much information about her in the epic, and reconstructs one irawaati about her from the little information that we can get.

A good attempt from the author to present his views on Mahabharatha from an anthropological point yuganta by irawati karve view.

Yuganta The end of an Epoch by Irawati Karve

Karve’s analysis, like I said is governed by opinion. Gandhari The hilly country had ended. May 18, Tanupriya Mukherjee rated it it was amazing.

Vidura had no power. There is also an exploration of her relationship with Yuganta by irawati karve irwaati Bhima. After much research and analysis, she concludes that the deifying of Krishna as a god only happened after the Mahabharata.


Their journey yuganta by irawati karve so long and so fast that the princess was fatigued both in mind and irxwati. Try as he did, he never did yuganta by irawati karve what he was looking for. But get someone to tell you the basic story first with a family tree. All these aspects have been wonderfully studied by the author.

His relationship with Arjuna is as a friend and equal. It gave a totally new perspective towards Mahabharata. The method she has chosen is to take it in parts.

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch

All characters are dealt as humans and all divine references are avoided. Yugantaa there were to be many others. If we take it for granted that Vichitravirya was at least sixteen at that time and that he was bom to Satyavati two years after yuganta by irawati karve marriage, then Bhishma must have been thirty-four.