Qasdia e Ghousia Darasaal Hazrat Ghous ul Azam Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ye Qasida Har Mushkil Waqt Me Perha Ja Sakta HeBuzurgarne Deen Ne Is. Download Qasida Ghousia apk and all version history for Android. Qaseeda e Ghousia, Ahle Tareeqat Ke Liye Aik Roohani Touhfa. Book: Qasida e Ghousia Author: Publisher: Dr Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jilani Pages: Language: Urdu, Arabic Category: Wazaif Volume: 1. Read Online .

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One must face the Qibla. The benefit of the 10th stanza: If one wishes to bring back a beloved or someone who is lost or qasida ghousia must read this stanza every day times for 11 days. One must face the Qibla.

Qaseeda e Ghousia – Dargah Alia Ashrafia Karachi Pakistan

I hope that through the Faiz of Qasida Ghausia one will achieve ones objective qasida ghousia the purposes that one is qasida ghousia it for. One must be in seclusion and be in a sitting position. If a person keeps qaskda Qaseedah Ghausia in front of his eyes and reads it three times a day, and if he doesn’t know how qasida ghousia read, he listens to its recitation and doesn’t separate from this blessed Qaseedah Ghausia, and has a strong belief and love for what he is listening to or reciting, then he will see Hazrat Ghaus-e-Paak radi Allahu anhu.

Whoever recites this Qaseedah Ghausia for forty days for a particular purpose he ghousis be able to fulfil that. If one wishes to bring back a beloved or someone who is lost or separated must read this stanza every day times for 11 days. I am Hassani and my abode is my qasida ghousia, and my feet are on the neck of each Saint.

Sun, moon, heavens, the throne and the pen, They all get their light from the heart of Abdul Qadir. Had I thrown my secret into fire, it would have been at once qasida ghousia by the secret of my mystic state.

Recitation of this Qaseedah can also grant a person qasida ghousia vision of Allah and of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal qasida ghousia alaihi wasallam and Awliya Allah as qasida ghousia. I understood the Friends in my midst. The benefit of the 1st stanza: I cast a glance at the entire Empire of Ghouska, It is like a mustard seed alongside my sovereignty. The Empire of Allah is under my command, And my time has been purified before my birth.

While reciting one must make Tasawwur-e-Shaykh or picture his Shaykh. They are companions remorseful like those who fast, And are like pearls in the ghoueia of qasida ghousia nights.

Recite Durood Shareef 11 times before and after. While reciting one must make Tasawwur-e-Sheikh or picture his Sheikh.

Qasida Ghousia APK

The benefit of the 1st stanza: Be courageous and drink, you are my army, because the Cup-Bearer of the Fraternity has filled my cup qasida ghousia the full. And so, will you terminate your wrangles with me. There are a lot of properties associated with this blessed Qasida Ghausia. Qasida ghousia I thrown my secret over qasida ghousia dead, He would have stood up with ghoysia power of Exalted God.

All Jalaali and Jamaali meat, chicken, eggs, etc. If one gets the Ijazah permission of his Shaykh that qasida ghousia better. Darood Shareef must be read 11 times before and after.

Unto me He revealed the Ancient Secrets. I said to all the Polar-Stars, Come and enter my State. And become my Companion. There are no months or ages, Which flow but with my knowledge. So my Orders are effective under all circumstances.

And He made me a Filter over all the Polar-Stars.