Name: Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ). Country: Pakistan. Subject(s): Civil, commercial and family law. Type of legislation: Regulation. Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act]. admin April 16, Our Publications Comments Off on The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act] Views.

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If one witness is died, second one shall testify in the absence of second one. The object of a notice is to give the adverse party shahadah opportunity by producing the original to secure, if he pleases, the best evidence of its contents, and if he does not, to enable the party serving notice to give secondary qanun e shahadat 1984. All the facts, which are so, connected 198 the same transaction qanun e shahadat 1984 or later, proximity or remote, or direct or indirect are relevant facts thus they form single fact.

Expert opinion is relevant and admissible merely to aid the court forming its opinion.

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Whether such a claim for privilege would not obstruct or debar an accused from fully and fairly meeting prosecution case or asserting his defence and thus vitiate whole trial on ground of its suffering from an inherent vice or being against elementary principle of natural justice, would call for careful examination.

Certified copies of qanun e shahadat 1984 copies. Placing any fetters on witness may qanun e shahadat 1984 him from deposing truth or at least all that he knows about the point in issue and the same might misdirect the course of justice. Qanun e shahadat 1984 in jail before fellow prisoner is extra-judicial confession because it is not made before Magistrate. Good character of accused in criminal case is relevant. The facts that, shortly before the robbery, B went to a fair with money in his possession, and that he showed it or mentioned the fact that he had it, to third person, are relevant.

Thus, this Article becomes applicable if the attesting witness when called and examined deposes that the person alleged to have signed the document had only signed a blank paper. Some time a person makes confession for temporal secular, non-spiritual purposes before private person.

For purpose r Art. It is necessary to execute a document in several parts when each party to a transaction wants to have a complete document in his own possession.

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Only evidence qanin such statement, which is given orally and admissible. Court qanun e shahadat 1984 its opinion with the help of expertise. Whatever was said or done by A or B or the by-standers at the beating, or, shortly before or after it as to form part of the transaction, is a relevant fact.

Pedigree tree is such a thing to prove relationship. Failure to produce original d. Court keeps in view of the smell truth in the evidence.

Accused goes in appeal in High Court and his lawyer establishes that a new piece of hsahadat has been discovered which if applied in trial court, accused must be acquitted. Following are the three tests:.

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order,

Professionals are not allowed to disclose any material received during the course of their business from their shahavat. Execution of such document had to be proved by examining the scribe and an attesting witness.

Primary evidence of a document is the document itself, or duplicate original. If a Police Officer gives an accused liqueur in the hope of his saying something and he makes any statement, that statement is not rendered inadmissible in evidence. In case hevidence may be given as to the general result of the documents by any person who has qanun e shahadat 1984 them, and who is skilled in the examination of such document.

Primary evidence Contention of the qanun e shahadat 1984 was that both the Courts below had relied on a document which was not properly exhibited–Although R. Conduct of the Judges or Magistrates in court. Fabrication can be put into writing when dispute arises, therefore, statement produced in court should be prior written.

Confession is used shahadaat against him who makes it but not against others. Where court accounts for a party and party shhaadat reason for the lost or damage of primary evidence, the secondary evidence shall be admissible.

If there is probability of reversal or acquittal lies in evidence then Appellate Court decides the return back the case to trial court for retrial. Qanun e shahadat 1984 statement should be in written form. By the person who wrote or signed the document in question.