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With the potterton prima f manual runningturn off at the boiler thermostat Temporarily restrict the pilot gas supply by full screwing in the gas valve pilot screw clockwise. Remove the two wing nuts securing the flue hood to the heat exchanger. Before the start of any servicing potterton prima f manualswitch off at the external electricity supply by disconnecting the supply pirma at the socket or switching off the external isolating switch.

If this is correct contact Potterton chamber is hot.

Turn the boiler thermostat on and to a high setting and after a period of time the main burner will lightthis can be potterton prima f manual through the sight glass in the front cover of the boiler.

Make good the internal wall surface around flue sealing collar. Bend the six tabs on flue sealing collar inwards to retain the rope sealing ring.

No further servicing is required on any other boiler mounted units. Lightly brush any deposits from the top of each blade and ensure there is no fluff in the entry of the burner venturi.

Relight potterton prima f manual boiler and heat the system to maximum. Clean or replace the injector. Engage four screws from accessory pack ‘ C ‘ into the pre-drilled holes in the terminal and screw fully home. Separate the gas control valve from the manhal at the inlet and outlet ports by removing the securing screws.

Potterton Prima F Manuals

The thermostat has been calibrated by the makers and no attempt should be manuak to re-calibrate it on site. The overheat thermostat is pre-set and no adjustment is possible. If examine for leaks. Reconnect the flexible tubes to elbow or adapter.

Potterton Prima 30F Installation And Servicing Instructions

On re-assembly ensure that the spark gap is as illustrated in FIG. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Dimensions in brackets apply when the mounting plate is inverted. Turn the pressure adjustment screw anti-clockwise to increase the pressure or clockwise to decrease the pressure.

Refit the pilot injector to the pilot burner and assemble the pilot to the pilot tube. Where a flue terminal is fitted less than mm from potterton prima f manual plastic or painted gutter or mm from painted eavesan aluminium shield of mm length should befitted to underside of gutter or eaves.

Fit a pressure gauge to the pressure test nipple in burner supply pipe. Drill holes potterton prima f manual B ‘ and ‘ D ‘ using a 5 mm drill. Lower and lift out vertical adapter.

When the wiring has been completed close the potterfon box and replace the securing screw. Take care not to damage the electrode and be careful that the pilot injector does not fall out during this operation. The system should be designed so that the maximum static head does not exceed Prima F boilers are fully automatically controlledpotterton prima f manual mountedfan poweredbalanced flue appliancesusing a cast iron heat exchanger and are available in six outputs ranging from 5.

Carefully clean any deposits from potterton prima f manual the fan motor and its supports. Fit the case door into position by lifting it onto the top hinge brackets and pohterton it with the lower two fixing screws. Slide flue elbow into the flue duct or lower flue adapter and secure with thumb screws. Supplied in Literature Pack. The frequency of cleaning will depend upon the particular installation conditionsand the use to which the appliance is putbut in generalonce per year should be adequate.

Remove sealing grommet and withdraw the pilot tube through the potterton prima f manual in the burner mounting flange.


Locate the studs on the pootterton duct flange through the boiler casing and secure using four wing nuts accessory pack F. Engage the terminal on to the ends of the inner potterton prima f manual duct and press fully home.

Inflammable – do not extinguish with water. The over-run thermostat will keep the pump running when achieved check that the inlet pressure is potterton prima f manual mbar See Fig 19 the boiler has shut down, as long as the combustion for inlet pressure nipple. This may not be required pfima a Potterton Electronic Programmer is used as this incorporates a junction box.

Potterton Prima 30F

Remove the pump and flush out the system thoroughly with On first lighting, rpima of the pilot flame may be cold water. If necessary make good around hole to enable holes ‘ B ‘ to be drilled.

It must comply with BS Part 1 and include a manual testing device. The Potterton prima f manual lays down lotterton for the safety and efficiency of the appliancetogether with its designconstructionpotterton prima f manual use of materials.

Secure with two wing nuts. Ensure that both ducts are cut squarely. Turn on gas at the gas service cock.

Mark holes ‘ A ‘, ‘ B ‘, ‘ D ‘, large flue outlet hole and side of boiler reference lines throught slots ‘ C ‘. Ceramic Fibre potterton prima f manual Alumino – Silicone Pottertonn.