Sri: Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama: Kaisika Puranam. Kaisika Puranam in Telugu. Uploaded by winode_sv The Commentary of this great historical event was graced by Swami Parasara Bhattar. It is translated . that I could help him in bringing out an English version of Kaisika promptly sent me a valuable publication in Tamil —Kaisika .. chapter of Varaha Puranam.

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After having spent the entire night possibly for the last time in front of the Tirukurungudi Nambi temple, he makes his way back to the Rakshasa, rejecting the offer of a Brahmin Lord Nambi in kiasika to protect him. Even more to his surprise, Nambaduvan came close to the Rakshasha and offered himself as his prey.

kaiskia By now, the Rakshasha had changed his mind. Related Topics Theatre Faith hinduism. Caught by the demon, Nampaduvan pleads with him to allow him to go to the temple and observe purnam Ekadasi ritual, that of singing the Lord’s praise. Brahmma Rakshasha attains Moksham. December 11, You are commenting using your Facebook account.

On the way, Lord Nambi in the guise of an old man stopped Nampaduvan and asked him where he was going.

The Story of Kaisika Puranam

He wants the fruits of Nampaduvan’s devotion, for his own liberation. Friday, December 4, Kaisika Puranam in Thirukurungudi.

As he performed this Abhinayam, one could visualize the beautiful Thirumeni of Lord Nambi, part by part. Parasara Bhattar, son of KoorathAzhvaan, took the story of a complex Kaisika Puranam in Sanskrit and created the vyakyaanam, in Tamil, kaisiia a simple, easily understandable language that was hitherto non existent.

This year Kaisika Ekadasi falls on December 13, I think my wife is puranqm of the troupe this year presenting the Natakam on 13th night Many Thanks also for ;uranam timely letter for the Srivilliputhur Araiyar I had written that piece on the Araiyar on the Aadi Pooram day. Also, the Araiyar, through this Abhinayam, brought out an important historical information relating to the Thiru Kurungudi temple – that of Lord Shiva being alongside Kurungudi Nambi.

Clock had ticked to am, but it was not time to leave yet. Nampaduvan, the compassionate, acceded and the Brahmarakshas got release from its terrible body. The Rakshasa, now, has changed his mind.

Also, the Araiyar, through this Abhinayam, brought out an important historical information relating to the temple – that of Lord Siva being alongside Lord Nambi. Presenting the Kaisika Natakam in a lot more temples could go a long way in re-instilling, in us, the sense of values that Nambaduvan showcased to the kaisiks several centuries ago.

Printable version Jan 1, 2: Kaosika Sundar, who played the role of Nambaduvan. And I will become a sinner who will never get liberation from this cycle of births.

Thousands, many of whom were children, who had gathered at the Kaisika Mandapam waited with excitement to watch Kaisikw Natakam. Nambaduvan showcases the way to live. While the entire portrayal was exemplary, it was the last scene – where he pleads with Nampaduvan to relieve him from the curse of his previous birth and to help attain moksham – that brought tears to the eyes of the devotees and won him an ovation.

The Story of Kaisika Puranam – TIMELESS WISDOM OF THE AGES

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Belief is that those who undertake fast, and listen to Kaisika Puranam, on Kaisika Ekadasi will attain Vaikunta Moksham. Sumathi Sundar, who played the role of Nampaduvan. Arunodhaya too impressed in the role of Lord Nambi disguised as a brahmin.

It was the month of Karthigai between November 15th and December 15tha Shukla paksha Ekadasi the Ekadasi that falls before the full moon day, our singer fasted the whole day and was awake that night jagratha vritham.

I hope to meet you and your friends in the coming years at this wonderful event. Herambanathan all kaisila way from Thanjavur to present this dance drama every year on the Kaisika Ekadesi night. Sir, All accommodations have been booked three months in advance. It was the hungry Brahma Rakshasa who had come there to consume Nampaduvan. The Kaisika Puranam is also a perfect case study on the values of life and how purxnam is important to keep one’s promise at any cost, including one’s own life.

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