Publisher: DUH I LITERA, Kyiv Contents: Viktor Malakhov: Shljakhamy Bubera. – Martin Buber: Ja i Ty: Chastyna persha. – Chastyna druha. – Chastyna tretja. „Ja staję się w zetknięciu z Ty; stając się Ja mówię Ty. Każde prawdziwe życie jest spotkaniem.“ — Martin Buber Źródło: Ja i ty (). O życiu. 0. Description. Po dvou významných knihách (Problém člověka a Chasidská vyprávění) vychází v Kalichu další dílo tohoto vynikajícího židovského myslitele, pro.

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The book was translated into Finnish and Russian, and in Russia readers perceived it ambiguously. The Human Path in Hasidic Teachings. Holidays and weekdays — all of their existence is obscured by the tragedy of the “lost generation”: A novel where eroticism and sexuality exist in parallel with wonderfully presented psychological nuances and analysis of the era.

The book of selected works presents short stories from all lifetime and posthumous publications, the novels, as well as his letters and diaries. There are no reviews on this item. Now, he no longer promises others the fulfillment of his duties, but promises himself the fulfillment of man. Charles Prestwich Scott – Therefore — characters of the texts are strictly 50 percent real, and 50 — fictional. Special emphases in the short story are created by really strong dialogues that Claire Keegan is famous for.

Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk Oh, but he is really as good a warrior as a devil-may-care story-teller, this clever and naive Svejk Great by Choice The book is based on a multi-year research that aimed to formulate the key principles of doing business in adverse conditions.

Is Ukrainian religion the same thing as Byzantine orthodoxy? Certainly it is the most burdened of all human words. Vitaliy Terletsky, Natalka Sprynchan. Type of the edition: While her previous two books reflected current realities of life in Russia and in the Caucasian republics, from this book the Ukrainian reader can learn more about the author’s interested perspective of Ukraine as well.

Mizh literaturoyu i politykoyu. The Power of Now This book is about importance of the skill of not thinking. Freedom from the Known This classical work is a brief summary of Krishnamurti’s key thoughts about the problems that we face when we try to comprehend our lives. These are new modern translations made based on the author’s texts, pedantically verified against the original manuscripts and illustrated with modern graphics by young iconographer artist Danylo Movchan.

At the same time we reserve our right to delete offensive messages, obscenities and commercials. Speeches and Essays Vaclav Havel reminds us about importance of history, freedom, conscience, personal responsibility and joint action, and although the texts were written about different times and different society, it will be surprisingly easy for Ukrainians to recognize in them the problems that we have not yet fully overcome.

The focus is on the impact of policies on the cultural life: Foster The 7 short sections offer an unforgettable view of the world through the eyes of a child. And the characters of the essays are both the classics well known to all, including Skovoroda, Shevchenko, Drahomanov, Franko, Lesya Ukrainka Knyha z povitrya Czernowitz.

Martin Buber – Ja i Ti

Resorting to humor, Vonnegut creates a desperate genealogical adventure — a mix of the Old Testament, the Latin American novel, and a collage comic book, where he fantasizes about what the mankind will turn into in a million years. This story, as if a drop of dew, mirrors the fate of the entire Irish people. The book “Maidan” is a kaleidoscope combining candid and critical perspectives of the Ukrainian Revolution ofemotions without cuts, and the details that were left off media screens.

He was born in Drohobych, wrote in Polish, and his posthumous fame was the cause of competition among several countries for the right to consider him “their guy”. My ne ye ukrajinofilamy.

Moreover, the book starts with an exclusive interview She was his curse The Philosophical Thinking of the Crimean Khanate This book is the first comprehensive academic study of the religious and philosophical heritage of the Crimean Khanate of the 15thth centuries showing development of its major intellectual traditions — those of the law and apologetics, discursive theology and mysticism Sufism.

Attempt of philosophical analysis. But what if that’s wrong? Roerich “Three Key” offered to the reader represents only a small part of her diverse creative legacy.

Hermann Cohen niemiecki filozof.

Já a ty, Buber | Internetový obchod

The Sunday’s Child Domestic: The professor moves to live with his daughter in a village, where the new, extremely complex phase in his life start Ukrainian Transgressions of the 20thst Centuries. Were from the Grail legend appeared encoded in the “Forest Song”?

The book is intended for 50 percent of readers. Inferno The book presents the complete Ukrainian translation of the first part of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. In their illustrations to the book, the O Studio “Agrafka” combines frankness, courage, style, and psychology. Seven Attempts at the Theme. Among them — the thorough work “Sketch of the Ukrainian Literary Language”, which was a significant achievement for the national linguistics, articles on bubed issue of the history of the Ukrainian language, and a number of reviews.

It was only after Ukraine obtained independence that yy of his works started appearing, and the need for them increases.

The first is the most famous philosophical work by Buber. Studies in politics and literature. Congratulations and — our Special offer “48 Hours”! Precisely for that reason it is the most imperishable and unavoidable.

It had a great impact on development of the national movement in the ies and gained wide publicity both in Ukraine and abroad. Lady Chatterley’s Lover “Lady Chatterley Lover” is a fusion of fiction and philosophy focusing on female sensuality.