Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music: Sixth Edition [Greil Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , Greil. Mystery Train [Greil Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A special 25th anniversary edition of this classic study of American rock and. In , Greil Marcus’s Mystery Train changed the way readers thought about rock ‘n’ roll and continues to be sought out today by music.

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Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Nearly as much discographic information as storytelling and commentary, Mystery Train is a book by and for obsessive music listeners and record collectors. The thesis seems like a young person’s, to this young person– it draws maybe just a little too heavily a few core American texts I love Huck Finn and Moby-Dick and “Studies in Classic American Literature,” too, but can they and they alone really be said to capture the American experience?

Views Greil marcus mystery train Edit View history. Nobody would argue, I assume, with that last entry, at least as ggreil influence. The discography section which is about greil marcus mystery train same length as all of the preceding essays does a better job of tracing the lineage of American music, though entire pages are simply a list of every greil marcus mystery train of “Stagger Lee” that Marcus could find.

They travel less frequently, act less impulsively.

Mystery Train

Marcus seems to think Elvis resurrected ttain at least briefly midway in his career, a moment that I seem to have missed. I’ll underline a totally nugatory line right next to greil marcus mystery train brilliant observation. We all know what talking about music is like and for those who don’t, great googly moogly, don’t get me started.

But Marcus makes him come alive. And for that alone, brilliant. Yes, I agree, Greil Marcus is marcys waffling, grating self-parody of a tall-foreheaded fierce rock crit whose favourite obsessions are painfully predictable Robert Johnson, Randy Newman, Elvis for starters.

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It becomes easier to think that nothing is new under the sun, or that if there is, that marfus can no longer be a part of what is new. Published on September 27, Pretty much the big bang for greil marcus mystery train who like to plug their music collection into their book collection and let the two comingle, cohabit, collude and co-depend.

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Elvis, with his adoration for his mother and for the gospel songs she loved, was more our speed. The prose is tepid, refusing to delve into a deep critical analysis of the artists while neglecting any autobiographical greil marcus mystery train that could shed light on the author’s opinions.

Jun 03, Brett rated it liked it Shelves: Published on April 2, And that’s an achievement Traain cannot entirely discount.

I should state that the notes section is the most interesting part of the book, and quite informative. You can examine the panorama of American music through any number of lenses.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Amazon Music Stream greil marcus mystery train of songs. Greil Marcusrock critic and columnist traon Rolling Stoneand contributor to other publications, such as Creemthe Village Voiceand Artforumwrote Mystery Train in He makes me feel as if I never even turned on a radio.

It also gets into Sam Phillip’s influence on these things, which cannot be overlooked.

Mystery Train: Greil Marcus: : Books

I think you can take quite a bit from the nature of the blurbs on a book jacket, their number and tone and the who and the where, but that’s another issue altogether Geoff Rice correctly assesses Invisible Republic as where the Marcus voodoo choo-choo goes off the rails and re-reading this greil marcus mystery train recalled the many strange feelings one can get receive via greil marcus mystery train Holy Greil — from ‘this is obviously the best thinking ever about music’ to ‘if I read one more evocation of the paradoxical nature of the South, I’m gonna choke myself on a chitlin.

As if he’d heard it all his life. What would be immensely pleasing would be for Marcus to update Mystery Train for a world that has known Punk and Metal and Grunge rock.

As “Ancestors,” Harmonica Frank who? His only support for the importance of these artists is their popularity though Elvis was the only one to achieve a long-lasting version of it and his own opinion of them; Billboard chart positions and record sales can support the former, but we aren’t greil marcus mystery train with much to msytery the latter.

The other half is Notes and Discographies, which was updated in He knows why widely popular works—even if they’re terrible by critical standards—force us to engage with them, precisely greil marcus mystery train they’re popular. In any case, this weird backwoods boy hit the jackpot. Grel pieces about Robert Johnson and Elvis are particularly great without being too phony or cliche.