You can examine GEM WK2 Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for GEM WK2. Besides, it’s possible to examine each page . Excellent cosmetic condition, barely used, looks new. No signs of wear or damage. Fully operational. Includes: GEM WK2 Floppy Disc containing Operating . GEM WK2 – £ THIS IS A VERY VERSATILE SOUND AND RHYTHMN EXPANDER WITH OVER SOUNDS AND 96 STYLES WITH 4.

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WK2 is able to read data stored on disks in one of the following formats: Recognised Control Change Messages midi Controllers To Receive The Data General Disk Handling Information Avoid forcing a disk into the drive and hold the disk straight while inserting it. The Pads assign procedure 1. Regulate The General Effect Volumes Page 6 Piloting an expander or other keyboard with WK Inserting Alphanumeric Data Push button to turn the instrument on and off.

Song Style Recording Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The Split Point Be sure of the status of the Hard Disk protection option when you are working with the Hard disk. When Mute LED off the respective keyboard sections.

Technical Specifications WK2 Keyboard: By using the — The battery is recharged while the instrument is turned on not just plugged in! Detailed information regarding MIDI applications are found in the dedicated chapter further ahead. Front Panel WK2 1.

Demo Demo How to listen to the Demo Styles At any moment you can listen to the automatic playback of your WK2 to get an idea of what the instrument is capable of doing. Using The Wk2 In Song Mode With A Computer or External Sequencer If you prefer to use a computer software sequencer to record your Songs in order to exploit some of the advanced editing functions, proceed with the following general instructions.

Transpose The Instrument semitones Tracks And Midi Channels Song Style Name The Song Performance Table of contents Important Safety Instructions The Style Tempo Page 18 – Select Styles and play with automatic ac Var 1, Var 2, Var 3, Var 4 PLAY function on the right of the display wk on.

Gem WK2 Manuals

The relative SysEx strings for the parameters in question are as follows Midi Implementation Chart What Is Midi The Style controls The next few paragraphs explain buttons dedicated to the control of the Styles.

Reverb Vocal Processor functions and do not play sounds as described in the Programmable Pads section of the manual. Vocal P optional Holding the button Song Style Mode Creating A New Partition new Part Page 40 – Total cancellation of the user style CL Page 31 To recap, the possible situations are as follows: Floppy Disk Formatting Procedure The corresponding display indicator turns on to show that the current Performance is processed by the relative effect.

C 7sus4 m7b5 4. The WK2 Drumkits are in Banks 2, 3 and 4 Digital Signal Processor The Sounds And Tracks Specifiche wk a cambiamento senza preavviso.

Powering Up And Preliminary Operations To Select Keyboard Sounds Page 14 cally sets the sequencer for Song Style recording.