CATIA V5. 8 hours. This course will teach you how to identify and use the Tubing Design workbench tools. You will learn the basic steps for creating, modifying. Manual Format. It is important to understand the format of the manual in order to use it most effectively. This manual is designed to be used along with an. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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You may find Desjgn too exigent. It allows users to customize object models, by providing the ability to define sub-classes and add attributes. I will be curious as to what they have to say.

CATIA – Tubing Design

But, because we show the BOM for the assembly on our drawings, and we use a BOM run-time macro developed by DSI Montreal to put it there, we were able to have our macro programmed catia v5 tubing design ignore the hose fittings, and show only the hose part number. October 13, We have also found the lack of ability to manipulate the flexible run in an easy way a real hinderance as well.

These were just my first ractions for the problem. Usually happy with the DS Seminars.

Forget the technological packages, even DS do not recommend to use them. As flexibles belongs to Tube Function class, it should be possible Now I am able to create a schematic, place a part, then catia v5 tubing design a line all in the context of the schematic, desigb place a part in the equipment arrangement workbench using schematic driven, then go over to Tubing -design and route the line created in the schematic.

I have a question Catia v5 tubing design 24, Users can create tubing lines with standard industry attribute information. The function-Physical Mapping rule is to be defined correctly if you want to map a function 2D symbols to a physical part. They have done a great deal of customizing of the tubing application from simple things like creating dsign parts to more complex things such as defining unique object types, design rules, standards and specifications.

April 8, Many of its features and limitations seem to make more sense if you look at them from a piping standpoint. This is using the “equipment” workbench in conjuction with Tubing. April 7, This makes it quite a bit easier tuing edit the whole process. Does anybody has to face this issue? I am amazed to know that catia v5 tubing design want to tackle this on your own; we have a team working on it since and is not yet finished. Catia v5 tubing design three file are responsible for browsing and typing equipment.

By using a flexible run, it is possible to adjust spline length and path, and then find the correct hose, or hose assembly, with the nearest length available. The Flex tubing they are working on as catia v5 tubing design, as you have seen, the second part of bundles are not tangent when you go to adjust slack.

CATIA – Tubing Design

The instructor is talking to them about this as we speak. If this code works it will reduce an catia v5 tubing design amount of hassle.

September 30, March 30, Anyway, I’m currently preparing a big PMRs batch.

I didn’t hear anything concerning a future exploded mode support for tubing, piping, Quite obviously I either typed the part wrong, or Created the geometry wrong, Whattya think?

As for Kinematics, we save those off to the file system with the parts still controlled by VPM. This rule is also important when working in Schematic-driven mode 3D catia v5 tubing design to Tubing diagram. March 17, This all seems to be working fairly well for them at least in the design phase.

How are we supposed to define connectors and their corresponding mating parts if the connectors stay in the same place? But, we went beyond what DSA delivers as raw code; catia v5 tubing design is customised to suit our processes. I didn’t agree entirely with their process but I think the Boeing program is following it. We have used parameters and tables to tell us what length to make the flexible run in order to get the desired total length hose including the 2 end fittings.

I don’t know how much success they have had integrating their catia v5 tubing design data caia their manufacturing processes.

COE : Forums : Working with TUBING DESIGN & ENOVIA LCA

What is your opinion about this catia v5 tubing design Great seminars and alot to get distracted with. Looking forward to having alot of my questions answered TUB provides easy-to -use routing tools that allow the user to define an early space claim in the dedign design stage.

October 14, If there is one little problem somewhere in one of the text file or tables it does not work – and it is impossible to troubleshoot. Even the companies present, could not answer some very simple queries.

March 15, This definition can access at will any time as needed during the design processes. They have invited us for a test and Catia v5 tubing design just wonder if catia v5 tubing design else tried it and assed how good the correlation is.

It seems like the Electrical and Tubing packages were developed in two different parts of the world and I believe they were. June 24, August 26, Let’s say I have a clamp that I have made as a template part, I also have a design table as well. How to assign a physical part to a diagram symbol?