Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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What was flickering in the distance of the clouds of dust of the Weathered stage was—unmistakably, the headlight of a train. As there might be misinterpretations when translating without prior context. My account was signed out and there wasn’t any point in logging in.

Not letting his only chance escape, Bakq kicked off from the ground. At the moment of contact, Haruyuki put all the fighting spirit he had into both his arms and prepared for the impact.

Her lips, which were so close that they nearly touched his left ear, whispered those words, and Haruyuki somehow yanked his consciousness back into the real world. With a speed that left even those effects in the dust, jet black blades ran through the air. It seems to me that the CN version had just simply summarized everything with direct translation that puts me into hardworking mode as I had to correct the grammar and stuffs like that The feel of it was probably that of an indestructible object.

That is……what I believe. In conjunction with that voice, his left cheek was suddenly pulled with a stretch.

Accel World:Volume SS1 Chapter 1

Honestly any progress is better than none. Her violet-blue eyes glittered intensely. Now, gsuki good four choices were displayed in this screen, which had always been blank since he had become a Burst Linker. As in a daily report to let project supervisor know what’s been done for today.

Receiving the gazes of the three, who seemed wanting to ask that, the twin sword user showed one of his rare moments of hesitation, then spoke in a low voice. Hmm I can only read some japanese. Other than just two exceptions. Should I just leave them as they are, or can I give worl a full revamp? After all I can’t make proper changes without the proper data. I also said this a little earlier, but……I think that choosing the path of fighting against the other Kings was natural.

Should I add it to the Registration page too?

Accel World:Volume 13 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

Appriciate all of your work — Ff7 freak If it’s circumstantial then there is too much for it to be dismissed anymore. Okay, I reread that part and understand what you tsukl, but there are still instance where I think that “Incarnate” is better than “Mind Power”. I will try and edit whenever I can, but for now, I think whatever I have, I will just translate it. Do we split it on another section? Do you still intend to translate Volume 6? Hi Xplorer you seem to be the main contributor to updates.

Sorry for the late reply. I might upload into my own template for my skin. If you don’t have a problem with it then shouldn’t it be fine for now? These handcuffs were not an Enhanced Armament. Following tsu,i, the avatar on the left side whose whole body was wrapped in a peculiar armor of running water similarly shook her head while scattering water drops. This was the power that the duel avatar Graphite Edge possessed.

Hope we’ll work together soon for this project. One worls that when he used the lateral transparent parts as a shield, he guarded against each and every attack.

The produced dynamic lift tightly lifted his body up, and he ascended vertically toward the sky in a straight line—.

Accel World Russian

Their chairs were the Greek temple-style pillars characteristic of the Twilight stage cut to appropriate heights. The reason was that his weapons were the two swords he gripped in both his hands. The figure of aaccel stretching his sharp feet straight out, drawing the trajectory of a flame in the blue sky, and descending rapidly was truly that of a midday meteor.

Of course, Lotus was not an exception either. The balance between the rivaling offensive and defensive power crumbled, and in that instant, the energy that was condensed at high density was released. The reason is because that means I decided your direction as a Burst Linker for you.

On another note you might want to add a talk link to your signature like I did. I got the source from CN still but however it is a relatively different that I got from the book. If you have any other advice I should know while worlr AW, I’d be happy to hear it. Do check preview vol 1.

Accel World:Volume SS1 – Baka-Tsuki

A central line overpass crossed their immediate vicinity left and right, and slightly ahead of that was already Ome Highway. I checked some dictionary and can’t find a tucked in that means eat up.

Namely, specialization in offense for one-on-one duels. Now, a good four choices were displayed in this screen, which had always been blank since he had become a Burst Linker. Retrieved from ” https: Translators may only register for portions of one volume at a time within each project.