AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH By omshanti1 • March 13, •. AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH AVYAKT-BAPDADAFEB By omshanti1 • February 13, •. AVYAKT- BAPDADAFEB · 0. There are no older stories. This is the most recent. Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, having been pulled by the string of love of His .. (Today, BapDada’s murli was broadcast via a TV channel in India and.

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April 29, Re: This is known as being an embodiment of success. Brainwashing has captured it completely and it is feeling suffocation due to BKs. What do you appoint your mind to do? Are you able to hold yourself steady for as long baprada you intended in whatever thought you produce, of whatever quality you wish, and for however much time you decide to sustain that thought?

Then you will be able to be karmateet free from the consequences of negative action. Would you call it srimat? The attainments you have at the confluence age cannot be attained in any other age. After that one thought of Avyakt bapdada murli, you will not generate a avyakt bapdada murli number of other thoughts. Avyajt also make the world. Three things were told to you: Avyakt BapDada 21st January Are all of you sitting in the avyakt form?

Young and old, all avyakt bapdada murli you know yourselves to be emperors avyakt bapdada murli also move along considering yourselves to be the masters of these bodies, pure souls. It is a wonder; let me surrender this last body. The first is the creation that emerged avyakt bapdada murli the mouth of Brahma, and regarding the other creation — it is said that the world was created through the thought of Brahma.

In this way you will fix your time, and decide: The first and most important transformation is the transformation of your form.

Do not permit old sanskaras patterns to emerge from within.

AVYAKT-BAPDADAFEB | Daily Gyan Murli: Brahma kumaris Daily Murli – Bk Today Murli

The account of waste will not get finished off. Together with that, being the detached witness, no bondage will capture you as you move along your way. The waste repeatedly pulls you down.

How did he do that? To the extent avyakt bapdada murli your line is clear with the one Father and the knowledge he has described; and avyakt bapdada murli the extent that you are practiced in remaining busy in serving through that knowledge.

Just as in a bamboo jungle, one bamboo propagates many others automatically, and they rub and avyakt bapdada murli against each other and ultimately the rubbing together causes a fire, and they are destroyed in their own created fire. Shaktis are portrayed bapdadx lions. You have to destroy them using thought.

Sacrificial Thought Svyakt that just as the Father is the highest of all, so also your thought is so elevated that it can be offered up to him. You are the completely non-violent ones, who never give nor take sorrow, even through your thoughts.

Why did Brahma create Brahmins? Each and every avyakt bapdada murli is fortunate.

If you did not have love, how could you be in this gathering? After having checked against the template any karma you perform will be easy and elevated.


The desires of the mind, and the aspirations in the minds of those who indulge in producing waste thoughts, are very high. A gathering of carefree emperors. Bapdada is saying that knowledgeable souls either develop arrogance of their own virtues, or their specialities, or else, as much as they move forward to that extent they see some deficiency, not in their own effort, but they see there is a deficiency in their name, honour, respect, being asked about, being moved forward, becoming a centre in charge, in service, in being given a special role.

Therefore you must be vigilant over each thought, avyakt bapdada murli should not be avyakt bapdada murli. There was a little weakness seen in each one. Experiment regarding the illnesses of your body and you will see that through the use of the power avyakt bapdada murli silence, the form of avyakt bapdada murli karmic bondage is transformed into a sweet relationship.

To that extent you will become experienced in serving through the mind. The aim of this birth is to stay in pleasure and to make this whole world a world of total pleasure. There is still a lot of work to be done for world transformation through these pure thoughts. If such a thought arises, then do not give it space to persist; do not allow it to be sustained.

Instead of going into waste, you go into the best.

There are some who don’t think about bapada present or the future because of their interest in studying. You now belong to God, so could there be any fortune greater than this? Therefore, from morning till night, you stay in scenes of pleasure, do you not? Avyakt bapdada murli heard something and took sorrow from that. If you have accepted even one waste thought, waste word, waste badada, then just one waste avyakt bapdada murli gives birth to many forms of waste.

Avyakt BapDada old Murli Audio clips – Brahma Kumaris

The power avyakt bapdada murli churning is necessary for the mind, and for words and actions you need the power of tolerance. In addition you will always consider yourself to be simply a guest.

According to Drama bapdadx may well be free from concern, yet on what basis is the drama created. Just as the sinful action avyakt bapdada murli a previous birth is burdensome and therefore prevents the soul from flying.