I have Assimil Business French PDF + MP3s. I’m wondering if I upload them to LingQ, will I get in trouble? Naturally I don’t own any copyright. – Answers on. 31 May I’ve just started Assimil BUSINESS in French. And, yes However, I’m going to be in France this summer studying French Monday thru Friday. G’day guys I am a huge fan of the Assimil series, I am looking for this book.

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After those first two courses you will likely still businrss far from fluent by most peoples definition. Upon completing it, I plan on completing Assimil’s Using French course. I wasn’t always this way.

I feel like a dry sponge just ready to soak up everything that comes my way. Message 8 of 8 01 March at 9: Edited by vikramkr on 01 March at 3: I’ll keep you posted. Presumably at this point, I will be fluent in French, so my question is this: I should send you a few pages of this stuff. You asked a thorny question, because “fluency” is a loose term.

Assimil French Courses for Fluency (Language Programs, Books & Tapes) Language Learning Forum

Not to say the courses don’t teach a lot of words; they do. For a language like French there are a very large amount of native materials available in most parts of the world and language exchange partners are relatively easy to find. Users browsing this forum: Book ratings by Goodreads.

I’ve been practicing bhsiness my own for about a year off and on. Message 1 of 8 01 March at 3: I would have to agree with Splog here.

SGP and 2 guests. Sometimes they do more to hinder the conversation than they vusiness to help it along. I suppose Business French would be a good idea. Message 4 of 8 01 March at 5: I feel guilty because I’m making so much progress.

However, I’m going to be in France this summer Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

If you actually want to do business in France then its possible that the Business French would have relevant cultural and linguistic usage information which you would find helpful even after completing Using French. Assimil While in France?

Assimil Business French – Language Forum @ LingQ

I take to them like a fish to water. That is, I could certainly get by, but it was still only the beginning. The purpose of almost any beginner language course should get you to the point where you’re consuming native language materials.

There’s a lot of debate about words like fluency on these forums. Since I needed to sit in on business meetings I also bought and studied Assimil Business French, and it covered a lot of material in neither of the two other books.

After another two years in Luxembourg, talking every day in French, watching TV, reading papers, and so on, my French was substantially better.

El Cronometro B2 Carlos Salvador. Der Vorleser Bernhard Schlink. Copyright FX Micheloud – All rights reserved No part of this website may be copied by any means without my written authorization.

Still, having finished all three Assimil books my French was only at “survival level”.