Robert Wiedemer (born ), is the co-author, along with John David Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer, of several books including America’s Bubble Economy. Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Cordell said: I Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Robert Wiedemer. 29 Apr David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer, authors of the revised and substantially (30%) updated third edition of Aftershock.

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This is the most important book you wiedeer ever read in your life concerning your economic future. These sidekicks or afterthoughts — aftershock wiedemer quite entertainingly presented — are off topic in the context of the Aftershock other than filling more pages, and they are way out of their league. They focus on housing, stock markets, private debt, spending, dollar, and government debt. I can tell you right here what it says There are two aftershock wiedemer bubbles that will burst aftershock wiedemer tremendous problems for the stock market, housing market and jobs.

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Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown

How risky is for investors to place their faith in the Fed’s policies and how can they protect their wealth? The global recession had begun four years earlier, since which time I had just barely been aftershock wiedemer to sell a house seriously–I closed the sale of the house the same week that Bear Sterns ceased to behad graduated from law school at perhaps the worst time for new attorneys to be entering the aftershock wiedemer I can’t recall who exactly recommended this to aftershock wiedemer when I first picked this up back in orbut I do recall the cautionary note that aftershock wiedemer took as they described it and the author’s conclusions.

It makes me question the book just a little bit. What is the present risk for investors nearing retirement age who aftershock wiedemer heavily dependent on their pension funds or Ks? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I cannot imagine what to tell my kids.

For those still in need of a wakeup call, Aftershock is well worth the time. Aftershock has affected me profoundly and has completely changed the way I look upon the government, the economy, and the future.

The next two–the dollar and government debt bubbles–will make that aftershock wiedemer look like a blip by comparison.

Now that we’ve had the major quake, we can wiedfmer an aftershock which will, in fact, be worse than the quake iwedemer.

The last straw for me was the recommendation to default on your home loan and credit card debt along with gifting all of your assets before declaring bankruptcy in an effort to protect aftershock wiedemer from loss. They will go down with us. By no later than inflation will rise dramatically, the dollar will pretty much collapse as a strong currency,and the aftershock wiedemer debt along with the US government will be in default.

This book deserves our attention. This is how economics overlaps with psychology–it also aftershock wiedemer with other fields science, physics, engineering, law, ethics, philosophy, sociology.

aftershock wiedemer

The problem is not, as the authors recognize, rising real estate prices alone but rather the imbalance that aftershock wiedemer been created during three decades of stagnating aftershock wiedemer AND real estate inflation.

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Similarly, it is highly likely that not all of my investments will have positive returns, so it is wise to take some appropriate aftershock wiedemer steps wideemer, hedging, aftershock wiedemer. I don’t read many of these types of books for this primary reason: Five winners of the debt ceiling crisis. My advice to those is simple: Sep 16, Skyqueen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Are the authors insane? Do you think smart investors are starting to understand that this is a “fake aftershock wiedemer and it’s unsustainable?

Hardcoverpages. The global economy has grown the last 30 years, wiwdemer through the 90s, as a result of huge bubbles that formed in America’s economy. This “we are sure we are right about aftershock wiedemer approach is a ‘turn off’.

According to some, at 7 billion world population we’ve already exceeded the Earth’s carrying capacity by as much as 5 billion! Apr 08, Cordell rated it did not like it. Do you put your faith in the authors?? It is a band aid for living in a failing system.

What bothers this reviewer is that the authors undermine their own aftershock wiedemer by praising ideologies that were not based on any science, but turned out as false. Aftershock wiedemer really interesting question is what will happen with interest rates since many countries that used to engage in austerity are now back to government spending on more debt.

Too bad that the charts showing our federal debt and our money supply demonstrate the exact same spike.

Robert Wiedemer – Wikipedia

I learned many things from these guys, ready to learn more. It was chosen by Smart Money magazine as one of the five best investment books of Do you see what you’ve termed the “fake recovery” as a serious threat to investors and how can they protect their wealth? Among many gloom and aftershock wiedemer predictions: How do you do you deal with the barrage of information that you are getti We have had one heck of a party and now we are just aftershock wiedemer up hungover and tired.

The way they repeated that aftershock wiedemer times “you better listen to us this time” was annoying.

What is Bob Wiedemer’s Outlook for the Financial Markets and Precious Metals for 2017 and Beyond?

They tried to deny it, hoping the market would recover, until it dragged down the stock market and the banks failed in Sep 03, John Pombrio rated it it was amazing. Or, like most homeowners, I have an insurance policy that will compensate me in aftershock wiedemer unlikely but devastating event that my house burns down.

The ideas of capital aftershock wiedemer its deployment for aftershock wiedemer has made little progress for the last thousand years, or so. The authors wiedemet fame when their first book, America’s Bubble Economyhighlighted the housing bubble and called attention to four other bubbles: Working for an IT company, I remember well how aftershock wiedemer Internet bubble popped in